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When reading this post, you are likely to  have found my survey called ‚Media Use During the US Presidential Election 2008‚ and might be looking for further information. 

I am currently studying public relations at the University of Bedfordshire in the UK. The survey is part of my research project for my bachelor thesis. Hence, it does not have any commercial purpose. 

My aim is to find out which media had been most influential during the 2008 presidential campaign. Have people already adopted to the set of media called ’social media‘? Have these driven the decision making process or was their impact comparibly low? 

In order to gain some significant results I strive for the highest amount of answers possible. Therefore, if you call a blog your own, have a Twitter account or any other platform to publish a link ( to my survey: I’d be glad if you’d do so! Since the survey is designed for US citizens only, it would obviously make sense if some readers from the USA read your blog.

Of course, I will provide  a summary of the study’s results to everybody who helped me to distribute the survey. Please leave a comment below this entry, so I can add you to my list. In case you have further questions do the same or contact me on Twitter.

Thank you very much!

Thomas Euler