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Below you’ll find an essay I have recently written. Frankly speaking, I evaluate the debate between journalists and PR professionals. It seems that journalists like blaming PR people, not least because they are an easy target. Isn’t it obvious? Those damn PR guys – ‚the dark site‘ – want to influence, no, manipulate public opinion and perceptions, and it is the poor journalist who suffers. In the essay at hand I try to figure out if this thesis is really the case.

Since it is a somewhat lengthy and academic piece, I decided to upload it to Slideshare as a PDF. Either you can read it there in the player or download it. I think it is the most convenient way to access the PDF especially because it has a nice layout and a great readability. Alternatively, for all those who prefer reading it directly on the blog I also published the text here. You find it after the break. Please note however, that the list of references is missing here and can only be found in the PDF.

Either way, let me know your opinion in the comments!

Thomas Euler (@Twitter: ThomasE)

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